Helping our Girls to Flourish 


12pm, Saturday 26th January


Being a girl in the world today is a challenge. They face pressures on a daily basis through social media, celebrity culture, premature sexualisation and bullying.  This backdrop is leading to a generation of teenage girls arriving at puberty with a full on identity crisis. Eating disorders, body dysmorphia, self-harming, low self-esteem, binge-drinking, panic attacks and exam anxiety, are just some of the symptoms apparent in their behaviour.  How can we raise our girls to be independently-minded and confident so they can face the challenges of today’s society?

In this positive workshop, coach-facilitator Emma Dempsey is joined by Rachaele Hambleton – aka Part Time Workng Mummy - bringing together the latest research, along with a toolkit of practical strategies for raising self-esteem and channelling the best energies of girls.  Rachaele Hambleton is mother to 3 girls and 2 step sons, and an ambassador for anti-bullying charity Kidscape.

This workshop is suitable for parents & carers as well as those professionally interested in education, gender equality and wellbeing. 

This event is included in our Saturday Morning ticket