Wellbeing Marketplace

The marketplace is a key feature of the festival, with a range of therapies, massage and health consultations, delicious food and drink and lots of natural beauty products. See below for more information on who will be attending.


Napiers Clinic Edinburgh offers a wide range of professional complementary health care options. We run herbal clinics 6 days a week and work as an integrated health care team. Many of our patients are referred to us by their GPs or health care practitioners and we work with the patient as part of that health care team.

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A beautiful, light-filled space in the heart of Edinburgh, One Spa offers an uplifting balance of energy, water and heat. Unwind in rejuvenating pools, experience a series of spa treatments and rituals designed to restore balance and purify the body or find your inner strength in our fitness studios. Whether as a member or day guest, at One Spa, time is yours once more.


At Health for Life, we’re a family oriented practice and offer both relief and wellness care. Many patients begin care in our office with a specific health concern and then realize that chiropractic is all about optimal health…how to get well faster and stay well longer.

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Pilates Plus Physio is about helping you to stay strong, happy and healthy so that you can tackle whatever life throws at you. Everything we do, whether you visit one of our physiotherapists in our clinic, or attend one of our Pilates classes, is designed to help you achieve your own personal goals. Our team of dedicated professionals is among the most highly trained you will find anywhere. Wherever you start your journey with us, whether that be with our physiotherapists, massage therapists or class instructor, you will be in safe hands right from the start.


At Roots, we believe that food shouldn't cost the earth. We are committed to delivering beautiful, yummy food and drinks with friendly, informed and unpretentious service. In everything we do, and in every decision we make, we are motivated and defined by our core values, of Sustainability, Well-being and Community in a happy environment. We believe in the power of food to heal, nourish and strengthen the body and the mind, and create our dishes and menus with this in mind. We offer a calm, supportive, welcoming and educational working environment for our team, in which development, pride, achievement, positivity and fun are key to every role. Without our happy, lovely team, there is no Roots. 


Fior is a Wellbeing Centre & Beauty Spa based in the heart of Stockbridge.  A soothing and sumptuous environment has been created, offering a tranquil escape from everyday life. Whether you are seeking to address a particular health concern, or are simply looking for some relaxation and pampering; Fior caters for a wide range of clients. 

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We plan, prep, cook and deliver 100% plant-based meals direct to your door so you can enjoy healthy, tasty, home-made meals nutritionally balanced and tailored to suit your lifestyle. All you have to do is heat and eat. Because all of our meals are plant-based they are low calorie and packed full of essential nutrients that will help you sparkle from the inside out. 

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Are you bothered by stress from aching muscles or persistent joint pain? Have you had that muscle pain condition for so long that you just get used to it? Tuina is a holistic massage that is based on the ancient principles of Chinese medicine. This treats the body as an intimately connected being which is affected by our environment. Experience a firm but comforting massage that helps you to recover from long-term musculoskeletal conditions. We help your body become stronger to deal with life’s daily stresses resulting in ease of mind and freedom from pain and stiffness.


AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy provides expert consultancy to give sound scientific information to support people to choose a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Dr Laura Stewart is an award winning Registered Dietitian who founded AppleTree after working for over 34 years in the NHS.


Yogi oils are organic handmade essential oil based products to ignite your senses and assist in your practise, on and off the mat. each oil has been specially selected using inspiration from the elements and our energy centres in the body. blended to assist you in finding balance and harmony as you flow through life.


TRE® Scotland are pleased to bring  TRE®, a new and revolutionary self-help therapy to Scotland.  TRE®  is a natural, instinctual process that enables the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance.


Our club offers an extensive and dynamic range of services, each staffed by our friendly, motivating and upbeat team.  Our philosophy is simple: To ensure that all members experience an unrivalled level of customer care and satisfaction coupled with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere each time they visit. Our experienced team is with you all the way, offering expert professional advice to ensure members make the most of the superb facilities on offer.


Survive & Thrive Essentials is an international company educating individuals on a deeper level of essential oil usage and understanding. By empowering people to take back their health and to feel confident in caring for themselves and their loved ones primarily with the use of essential oils in a safe and effective way. After being stationed here for the last 4 years, they are leading the way in the UK in this new wave of essential oil usage.