Saturday Talks


Jack Monroe

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Jack Monroe is a tireless campaigner for the the accessibility of good, nutritious food for everyone. In her new book Cooking on a Bootstrap she shows that cooking on a budget can be nourishing, delicious and above all healthy.   Great cooking doesn’t need to be about fancy ingredients, and living on a tight budget shouldn’t stop you from enjoying incredible food.



Life Lessons from a Buddhist Monk

How can we stay calm in a busy world? What would happen if we stopped trying to be perfect? Haemin Sunim is one of the most influential Zen Buddhist teachers in the world with over 1 million followers on social media and a series of bestselling books. Here he shares his wisdom on all aspects of life, and how mindfulness can help us in each.


carly rowena & Special guests

Fit for Life

Carly Rowena is a personal trainer who has amassed a huge following for her upbeat and honest Youtube videos. Here she shares her best advice on workouts, nutrition, coping with stress and how to stay fit and healthy for life.