Saturday Headliners


Jack Monroe

Cooking on a Bootstrap, 2pm

Jack Monroe campaigns for the accessibility of good, nutritious food for everyone. In her book Cooking on a Bootstrap she shows that cooking on a budget can be nourishing, delicious and above all healthy.   



Lessons from a Buddhist Monk, 3.30pm

How can we stay calm in a busy world? Haemin Sunim is one of the most influential Zen Buddhist teachers in the world with over 1 million followers on social media and a series of bestselling books. Here he shares his wisdom on all aspects of life, and how mindfulness can help us in each.


Fit for life

The ultimate health and fitness panel, 5pm

Join Carly Rowena, Madeleine Shaw, Faisal Abdalla and Tracy Griffen as they offer advice on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing at every stage of life.